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Now accepting applications for Academic Year 2016.


      The applications for the Master of Laws Program in Business laws (English Program), Faculty of Law will be accessible beginning December - ending mid March  annually.  Applicants are encuraged to apply online and make a payment at banks' counters as shown on the statement accordingly. The program will begin processing the admission after the end of application period.

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Doctor of Law Program (LL.D.)

1. Objectives of the program

1.    To equip LL.D. students with a high degree of research skills to enhance their academic and professional careers

2.    To enable LL.D. students to conduct research to the highest international standards

3.    To encourage LL.D. students to originally contribute to the development of legal science and practice on both domestic and international levels

2. Entry requirements

          According to the Thammasat University Regulations on Graduate Studies of BE 2553,

1.    An applicant has obtained a master degree in law from Thammasat University or other universities recognized by the Thammasat University Council.

2.    An applicant is proficient in foreign languages, e.g. English, French and German, necessary for conducting the proposed research project.

3.    An applicant has achieved a certain result of foreign language tests, e.g. TU-GET, TOEFL and IELTS, except those who hold a master degree in law from Thammasat University or from other universities provided that the program of study was entirely taught in English or another foreign language. A minimum language test score is determined by the Graduate Committee on a case-by-case basis. The language test must be taken within two years of the date the LL.D. application is submitted.

4.    An applicant has successfully written a thesis for a master of law degree or published an academic paper whose quality is equivalent to that of a master of law thesis.

3. Number of admitted applicants

          Thammasat University Faculty of Law admits approximately 20 applicants each year.

4. How to apply and deadlines

Applications for the LL.D. Program can be made online at or between October 2013 and January 2014. The application processing fee is 1,025 baht.

5. Research proposal

An applicant must submit 6 copies of a research proposal written in the same language as the language of thesis writing (see 9. Language of thesis writing below). The research proposal must include the following information:

1.    Title of the proposed doctoral thesis (in both Thai and English)

2.    Main problems or issues and their arguments

3.    Hypothesis and proposed solutions

4.    Literature review

5.    Selected bibliography

6.    Outline of the proposed doctoral thesis

7.    Research plan for the whole program of study

6. Applications materials

An applicant must submit the following application materials at the Faculty of Law’s Administration Office at the Tha Prachan Campus:

1.    Receipt of payment for the application processing fee

2.    6 copies of the research proposal

3.    A two-inch photograph (color or black and white)

4.    A copy of LL.B. and LL.M. degree certificates (The original copies must be presented to admission officers at the time of submission.) A copy of letters certifying the award of LL.B. and LL.M. degrees can be used as a substitute.

5.    If available, a copy of LL.B. and LL.M. transcripts

6.    A letter of reference from a potential LL.D. supervisor, a full-time member of the Faculty, who holds a doctor of law degree, associate professorship, or professorship.

7.    A copy of a successful LL.M. thesis or a published academic paper.

7. Entrance examinations

          An applicant is required to take the following tests:

1.    A test on foreign language skills (mainly reading skills) necessary for conducting the proposed research project

2.    A comprehensive test on an application’s knowledge of the field of study.

8. Selection process

Language tests will be held at the Faculty of Law at the Tha Prachan Campus in March 2014. Applicants who meet the foreign language requirement are eligible to take a comprehensive test, mainly an oral test. Applicants will be informed of the test dates later. Final admission decisions are made by the Graduate Committee.

9. Language of thesis writing

Doctoral theses can be written in Thai or English. Other foreign languages are not acceptable without the approval of the Graduate Committee.

10. Study durations

A LL.D. student usually completes his or her thesis within 3 academic years. In the academic year of 2014, the first and second semesters commence on 18 August 2014 and 12 January 2015 respectively.

11. Tuition fees

The tuition fees for the whole period of study are approximately:

          350,000 baht for Thai students
          500,000 baht for international students.

12. Academic staff

In addition to full-time faculty members, the LL.D. Program’s academic staff include distinguished scholars in every field of study, notably:

Professor Dr. Aroon Bhanupong
Professor Dr. Preedee Kasemsup
Professor Dr. Prachoom Chomchai
Professor Dr. Sophon Rattanakorn
Professor Dr. Kanit Na Nakorn
Professor Dr. Amorn Chandarasomboon
Professor Dr. Isara Nitithanprapas
Professor Dr. Paisit Pipattanakul
Professor Dr. Komain Bhatarabhirom
Profeesor Dr. Visut Tuvayanon
Professor Dr. Vorapot Visrutpich
Professor Dr. Kamolchai Rattana Skaowong
Professor Dr. Chumphorn Pachnsanond
Associate Professor Dr. Pokin Pollakul
Associate Professor Dr. Vishanu Varunyou
Dr. Kittipong Kittiyarak
Dr. Ovat Sootthivatnaruput.

13. Contact

For all general and admissions enquiries please contact the Faculty of Law’s Legal Training and Education Center (LeTEC) at the Tha Prachan Campus.

Tel: 0-2613-2123 and 0-2613-2168