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Master of Laws Program in Business Laws (English Program)

Program Offered

            The Faculty of Law offers the Master of Laws Program in Business Laws (English Program)


Applicants’ Qualifications

            Applicants must meet the qualifications described in the regulations of Thammasat University on the Graduate Studies of B.E. 2553 (Amended Version No.9 of B.E. 2016) and has the qualification as follows;

            2.1  Applicants must have or expect to receive the Bachelor Degree of Law from Universities accredited by Thammasat University Council.

            2.2   These following documents are mandatory; Transcript of record with cumulative GPA of at least 2.75, a letter of recommendation from an academic advisor,or a lecturer who taught applicants in the Bachelor Degree, or a supervisor for supporting the application and consideration, or as approved by the Program’s Executive Board.

            2.3  Applicants must have achieved one of the following minimum scores on an English proficiency test listed below. You must submit an official score report that is valid for 2 years from the examination date to the Office of the LL.M. Program.

                        1) TU-GET : 550

                        2) TOEFL Internet-based  : 68

                        3) IELTS    : 6.0

Admission Process


     Selection criteria are conducted based on the following supporting document; Bachelor Degree Transcript, English proficient test result and a letter of recommendation from an academic advisor or a lecturer taught in a Bachelor level or a superior in support of consideration.

     In case of applicants do not meet the certain requirement or has yet fulfill the conditions on academic criteria or English proficient test result. Provided that the admission committee deems appropriate, certain applicants may be invited for an additional interview in support of consideration


     Shortlisted names of the qualified candidates shall be announced by the committees, to undergo the further interview examination. The assessment aims at measuring the candidates’ Listening skills, English Speaking Skills, Attitude, intention and Personalities.


Learning System

The Program is a part-time two-semester system. Classes are conducted in the evening of Monday through Friday from 17.30 - 20.30 hours. There are two compulsory semesters in an academic year. Each of such semesters consists of 15-16 weeks of classes.


Summer semester may also be available covering not less than 8 weeks provided that extra hours are added for each class in order to make cumulative hours equal to those required for classes in normal semesters. Summer classes, however, are not compulsory.


The Program is conducted entirely in English. The Program offers two plans of study as follows.

  • Plan A Form Kor 2 offers the fulfillment of required courses and a thesis. Plan A Form Kor 2 requires not less than 39 credits not less than 24 of which are for certain required courses and 15 credits of which are for a thesis.
    • Compulsory courses  15 credits
    • Compulsory elective courses 6 credits
    • Elective courses   3 credits
    • Thesis 15 credit


  • Plan B, on the other hand, offers the fulfillment of required courses and an independent research. Plan B requires not less than 39 credits not less than 33 of which are for certain required courses and 6 credits of which are for an independent research.
    • Compulsory courses                 15 credits
    • Compulsory elective courses    6 credits
    • Elective courses                         12 credits
    • Independent study                     6 credits

Compulsory courses
LB 600    Advanced Contracts and Torts Law
LB 601    Corporate Law
LB 602    International Business Transactions
LB 603    Law on Business Finance
LB 604    Research Methodology

Compulsory elective courses
LB 620   Selected Legal Problems on Information Technology and Cyberspace
LB 621   Intellectual Property Law
LB 622   Alternative Dispute Resolution
LB 623   International Transportation Law
LB 624   Insurance Law and Risk Management
LB 625   Taxation
LB 626   Competition Law
LB 627   International Economic Law
LB 628   Bankruptcy and Debt Restructuring Law

Elective course
LB 642  Labor Law and Social Security
LB 643  Human Rights law
LB 644  Advanced Environmental Law
LB 645  Consumer Protection Law
LB 646  Advanced Administrative Law
LB 647  Advanced Criminal Law
LB 648  Philosophy of Law
LB 649  Business Law Seminar
LB 650  Comparative Law of Civil Procedure and Evidence

Independent study
LB 700  Independent Study

LB 801  Thesis


Required documents are as the following;
1. A copy of transcript of records
2. An original of TU-GET or a copy of TOEFL/IELTS result
3. A complete Recommendation Form both parts of A & B

The applicants may submit the mandatory documents in person or via registered mail

Office of International Programs (LA 124), Faculty of Law, Thammasat University
2, Phra Chan Road, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200, Thailand
Tel: +66 2 613 2162
Mobile: +66 81 499 7250

Program Fees

Estimated expenses of the program of one student are 250,000 Thai baht (60,000 – 75,000 baht per semester)

Open for Applicants 17 December 2018 - 8 March 2019

Interview examination will be announced later 

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